[2015] Correlation between Heart Rate and Image Components

Min Woo Park, Jiwon Im, Jieun Kwon, Mincheol Whang, Eui Chul Lee. (2015). LNEE

Heart rate, Image components, Hue, Saturation, Intensity

Because the vision-based environmental context awareness technique has become a more important issue for implementing affective computing application, the effects of image components should be investigated in terms of human responses. In this paper, we studied the correlation between heart rate and image components such as hue, saturation, and intensity. We collected heart rate signals from subjects who respectively watched 32 different kinds of images chosen from a public emotion image database. As a result, we confirmed that the heart rate trend decreased in terms of hue and intensity but increased in terms of saturation. In addition, we confirmed that the correlation between heart rate and saturation was greater than that between heart rate and hue and intensity in terms of R 2 value. That is, heart rate trends can change depending on the effect of image components.